Collection: Collaborations

An exclusive 15 piece collection of one-of-a-kind, original mixed media works on porcelain

Based on Renee’s popular Relics series, in which old paintings are torn, collaged and re-imagined to create entirely new and fresh works of art, this collection aims to bridge the gap between painting and ceramics.

Earlier this year, Renee spent a serious of afternoons at Honeycomb Studio, cutting, assembling and painting (with underglaze) pigmented strips of clay into Relic-esque creations, which we then incorporated into Honeycomb Studio’s unique porcelain dinner plates, as if they were the canvas. Once the plates were glazed and fired, Renee took them back to her studio to add another layer of paper from deconstructed paintings – just like her original series. Rather than simply collage on top of ceramics, Renee and Courtney aimed to take the collaboration deeper and truly marry the painting and the ceramic process.

The result is a cohesive series of works that is rich with texture and depth, and as technically intricate as it is visually beautiful.